Austratronics | Smoke & Heat Detection Systems
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Smoke & Heat Detection Systems

Smoke and toxic gases are the main causes of death in building fires. Experience has shown that deaths have occurred in locations remote from the fire due to the spread of smoke and gases and their ability to cause disorientation, incapacitation and ultimately death, depending on the concentration and length of exposure.

A building is required under the Building Code of Australia and the OH&S Regulations to have safeguards to provide early warning to occupants, so that they may safely evacuate before the conditions in any evacuation route become unsafe

Selection of Detectors

Detectors are designed to detect one or more characteristics of a fire EG: heat, smoke and flame. No one type of detector is the most suitable for all applications and the final choice will depend on individual circumstances. In some buildings, different types of detectors are combined to achieve the best results. Smoke Detection will provide earlier warning of fire conditions than heat detectors or sprinklers.