Austratronics | Fire Sprinkler & Drencher System
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Fire Sprinkler & Drencher System

Fire Sprinkler Systems are designed to automatically contain and extinguish a fire. When the heat from the fire gets to a certain temperature the fire sprinkler heads operate spraying water over the fire.

The Wet-Pipe: This system is charged with water that connects to the sprinkler heads, which activate automatically in case of a fire.

The Dry-Pipe: The pipes in this system are filled with compressed air, which are connected to a water main or storage tank with a valve that keeps the water out of the pipes. When the fire activates the sprinkler heads, there is a drop in pressure that causes the water to flow into the pipes and out through the sprinkler heads.

Deluge System: This system uses deluge valve in the water supply connection. The valve will open to allow water to enter the piping system, providing a constant water flow from all sprinklers. This type of system is useful where the entire area is affected by fire.

Pre Action System: This system combines all the features of the wet pipe, dry pipe and deluge valve system and tends to be used in areas like museums for rare arts, books, antiques etc.

Foam Water Sprinkler System: Uses both water and foam to spray through the sprinkler. This type of system tends to be used in petrol storage, airports, etc.

Drencher System (Wall Wetting Sprinkler System): Protects the window openings in brick wall or combustible cornices from radiant heat in adjacent premises, by discharging water over the entire surface of the glazing or cornices. There are two types: Sealed Wall Wetting Sprinkler Systems and Open Wall Wetting Sprinkler systems.