Austratronics | Facial Recognition Access Control
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Facial Recognition Access Control


Introducing the world’s first app based facial recognition access system. NoahFace Access is the faster, smarter and easier way for businesses to manage access of employees and visitors. Installing is easy as it retro fits onto any existing single or multi door set-up, with or without a control system.


NoahFace Access operates as a tablet, mounted adjacent to a door that evaluates and approves authorised faces. Based on pre-configured rules, the receiver then operates the controlled door. It does this either directly (in a stand-alone configuration), or via the existing access control system (in an integrated configuration). The configured access rules include support for day-of-week, time of-day and even capability for different identification requirements at different times. For example, you can allow fast and convenient facial recognition access during business hours, while requiring a passcode or even an access card outside of these hours. A photographic record of all access attempts is stored in an event log so you can examine later if needed. These logs can be exported for longer terms storage and reference.

  • Secure & hands free
  • Single or multi door
  • OH&S smart
  • Liveness detection
  • Automated face learning
  • In motion matching
  • Low cost subscription
  • Full audit trail
  • Two factor authentication
  • Stand alone or integrated


Access Bluetooth Receiver

Power Supply12V DC
Dimensions115mm x 68mm x 32mm (includes mounting tabs)
Operating EnvironmentIndoor only
OutputsRelay 1 (NO/NC option), Relay 2 (NO/NC option), Weigand (D1/D0)
InputsDoor status
Request to exit (REX)
Device response time<1 sec

Application (Apple App Store)

Operating SystemIOS
Version Requirement11.04 > (updates available on app store)
Detection Speed<1 sec
BiometricsFacial Recognition (auto learning)
Biometrics BackupAuto backup to iCloud (with WiFi connected)
Data StorageLocal (on iPad) or Cloud
Access LogViewed on iPad (local) or NoahFace Access portal (Cloud)
Audit Log Availability90 Days
Bulk User UploadCSV file transfer (template available on NoahFace Access portal


Model6th Generation – Mini, 9.7”, Pro, 12”
Power supply12watt standard install, 30watt for lighting cables over 2mts or Camera Zoom enabled
Access LogViewed on iPad (local) or NoahFace Access portal (Cloud)
Access Log Availability90 Days
MountingRecessed wall dock (not included), Surface mount enclosure (not included)
Storage32Gb – 512Gb based on usage requirements matrix. Eg. 32Gb if less than 500 users with 1-100 entries per day; or 256Gb if more than 500 users with 200-800 entries per day
For all enquiries call 02 9554 9955