Austratronics | Enclosure Fan Integrity Testing
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Enclosure Fan Integrity Testing

Australian Standards AS4214 – “Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems” and AS1851 – “Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems & Equipment” both require room integrity testing to be completed for “total flood” gaseous suppression system installations. Under these standards, room integrity is required to be tested initially as part of system commissioning, and then re-tested annually.

Extinguishing Agent Retention – It’s Critical

The prime purpose of the room integrity test is to demonstrate how long a gaseous fire extinguishing agent remains in the room following discharge of a “total flood” gaseous suppression system. The longer the gas remains after the discharge, the better the level of protection offered (AS4214 nominates a minimum retention time of 10 minutes).

We can carry out the required testing providing you with a detailed report about the Integrity of your Enclosure.