Company Profile

The provision of Fire and Security Systems, Solutions and Services has been a fundamental element of Austratronics core business capabilities for many years across common, unique and a diverse range of properties, facilities, markets and industries.

Austratronics enviable reputation within the Building Services industry can be directly attributed to a dedicated and innovative management team that is committed to our Clients, our employees and our subcontractors.

Quality, value, service and integrity are all fundamental to the Austratronics culture. However, these are not merely words, but a way of life for every individual who works for the Organisation. These principles are demonstrated by our teamwork and the decisions made in every area of our business operations.

Austratronics is continually conducting training in new technology, new products, value-added procedures and in the delivery of exceptional customer service. This is all a part of an ongoing process to service our Clients above and beyond normal expectations.

Austratronics projects, installations, maintenance technicians and sub contractors are all licensed and fully trained to carry out works to the relevant Australian Standards and all other regulations covering the design, engineering, installation and commissioning of Fire and Security Systems.

Furthermore, our qualified and licensed service technicians have the necessary expertise to service the vast array of Fire and Security Systems current available in the marketplace.

Success in today’s increasingly competitive and often unpredictable world of business depends largely on providing solutions, which suit each of our individual Clients, not simply solutions that suit Austratronics.

As a total Fire and Security service supplier, Austratronics guarantees all Clients will receive quality service, competitive prices and a complete system solution.

Best Practice

Austratronics is greatly committed to the principles and philosophies of Industry Best Practices and as a result, we have a commitment to a continuous improvement culture across all our departments. This in turn, forms the foundation of our business relationships with our Clients, suppliers and subcontractors. 

Our company seeks to benchmark performance in all operational areas of our business as part of our continuous improvement processes with an ultimate aim of achieving Industry Best Practices.

Core Management Values

The core management values of Austratronics are embraced by all employees, suppliers and all sub-contractors of the business. 

These core management values form the foundation on how the Company operates and interacts with our valued Customers and can be summarised below: 

  • Open and honest communication between all parties 
  • Respect for all Customers, employees, sub-contractors and suppliers. 
  • Loyalty to the business. 
  • Commitment to meeting our Customers expectations 
  • No surprises positive or negative.
  • 1 objective, 1 vision, 1 team and 1 agenda.

Mission Statement

To deliver exceptional levels of Client service through our highly skilled and motivated employees.

To ensure that our business relationships with our Clients are conducted in a friendly, professional and service oriented environment with open and honest communications at all levels.

To develop a culture of enthusiasm, sincerity and flexibility to ensure the optimum outcome for all Clients, employees and stakeholders of the Company.